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The PDP-8 Software Archives

This webpage contains links to all of the software and programming notes that I have for the PDP-8 series of machines:

Cross Development Software

The following software has been developed and tested on FreeBSD:

  • d8tape.tar.gz (28k) -- a disassembler and converter for BIN/RIM-formatted paper tapes.


    • autodetects input format (RIM vs BIN)
    • produces RIM or BIN output
    • powerful disassembler:
      • detects subroutines
      • detects code vs data
      • analyzes data for variables and constants
      • IOT-aware for various devices (under construction)
      • marks auto-index registers
      • PALBART compatible output
      • generates cross reference for subroutine calls, simplifying prioritization of reverse engineering effort

    To compile, untar in a directory and type make. Install via make install.

  • palbart.c.gz (28k) -- an assembler for PAL.


    • This is from Gary A. Messenbrink
    • Modified for a few bug fixes and additions:
      • flexible tabstops (via -t, e.g., -t 4 for 4-character tabstops)
      • increased symbol table size
      • fixed buffer overflow bug in readLine that would cause strange files to be generated (which would include linefeeds in the filename)
      • added TA8/E opcodes into the IOT table

    To compile, gunzip and then compile with your favourite C compiler.

  • palbart-2.11.c.gz (33k) -- an updated version of the above assembler for PAL.


    • This is from a host of people making improvements and updates.
    • Read the comments in the C code for complete details.

      To compile, gunzip and then compile with your favourite C compiler.

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