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What is a PDP-11?

The PDP-11 is the name given to a series of minicomputers manufactured between the very early 1970's through to the late 1980's by a company then-called Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). DEC was bought out by Compaq, and now Compaq has merged with Hewlett-Packard. Mentek bought the rights to the PDP-11 from DEC.

The PDP-11/10 (click here for exhibit)

PDP-11/10 S M L XL

This PDP-11/10 was donated by Jim Fare from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in September 2004.

The PDP-11/R20 (click here for exhibit)

PDP-11/R20 S M L XL

This PDP-11/R20 was purchased from an individual near Atlanta, Georgia, USA in January 2002. It is currently untested. On casual inspection, it seemed able to deposit data into memory, but that's as far as I've gotten with it. I have never seen another one of these systems! If you have one, please contact me, I'd love to hear about it!

This machine is going to be restored after the PDP-12.

The PDP-11/20 (click here for exhibit)

PDP-11/20 S M L XL

This PDP-11/20 was purchased from an individual in Edmonton, Alberta in July 2007. It is currently untested; I've just received it, and managed to rinse off some of dirt on the front panel. It came with extra memory (shown on top).

The PDP-11/23 (click here for exhibit)

PDP-11/23 with RL02 Drives S M L XL

This PDP-11/23 was donated by an individual in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in January of 2003. It was used as part of a bulletin-board system over the DATAPAC X.25 network. While I haven't extensively tested this machine yet, it is believed to be fully functioning.

As this machine is not part of my core collection, it has been moved to the ba23.org website a few houses down the road from me for restoration.

The PDP-11/34 (click here for exhibit)

PDP-11/34 S M L XL

This PDP-11/34 was donated by the same individual in Ottawa as the 11/23 above. The 11/34 is definitely not part of my core collection, so it was sold to recover transportation costs to a student in Ottawa.

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