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PDP-12's Around the World

Out of curiousity, I decided to start listing locations of where PDP-12's are known to be. If you wish to submit information, pictures, etc., please contact me and I'll be happy to include the info! Let me know if you want your name, email, etc. published as well. I won't put it up unless you specifically ask for it to be up.

The list is sorted alphabetically by country, and then (strangely) by city.

Total number of PDP-12's accounted for = 33.

Country Location Qty Date Entered Owner Comments
Sydney 3 2003 01 19 Max Burnet - BACK Museum These three are in good condition, but haven't been powered on in over 20 years. They originally came from a) Western Mining Corporation, Perth, Western Australia; b) Psychology Department, University of Newcastle, NSW; c) Biological Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT. There are also two LINC-8's in the collection.
Ottawa/ON 1 2003 01 15 Robert Krten (website with contact info) Mine :-) Restoration in progress (CPU works). Comes with a second double-wide cabinet that contains an additional 24kW of core and a rare 24-bit floating point processor (FPP-12). By the definition I've seen, this can be called a "super 12" due to the expansion chassis.
Beijing 1 2006 08 18 Reportedly used in U.K. and Germany before going to Beijing. Condition unknown. (Not 100% certain this machine actually exists, but my source believes it does.)
Frankfurt-Main 1 2003 01 15 Wolfgang Leber This is a Clinical-LAB (the blue one) in functional condition. The system is fully equipped with 32kW of core, and has fixed/removeable RK05 type Disks (Digital and Plessey).
Uppsala University 1 2006 01 31 The Update Computer Club at the university has a fully functioning 12 on display. Their website is being updated...
Bletchley Park 1 2003 01 16 Science Museum
Cambridge 2 2003 01 15, 2006 12 08 Mike Ross (has two, 1, and 2, email) Has some things to fix, it's been in storage for years, no info yet on the second machine.
London (near) 1 2003 01 16
(unknown) 1 2003 01 15
Reading 1 2004 07 07 Andy Brown This PDP-12 was rescued from the Burden Neurological Institute in 2000, along with a lot of spares obtained when they dismantled another PDP-12. The system was fully operational when he obtained it but it hasn't been used since. This PDP-12 has been donated to Mike Ross (above).
(unknown) 1 2005 10 01 Jim Austin (website) This machine came from Prof. Mortons house in Cambridge on 15th June 2001. It was used for Physiology experiments up to 2000.
Scotland 1 2008 02 12 Thanks to O. Sharpe for spotting this one on the web -- website) Located at the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Dundee.
Albany/NY 1 2003 01 15 Sridhar Ayengar Currently non-functional.
Cleveland/OH area 1 2003 02 13 Currently non-functional. In fact, described as very non-functional (massive amounts of corrosion)
Detroit/MI 2 2006 08 18 Two units dumpstered in 2003 by medical equipment dealer!
Fremont/CA 1 2006 08 18 Clinical -12 with four expansion cabinets, warehoused by an East Coast equipment dealer. Nonworking, possibly restorable.
Grand Forks/ND 1 2006 08 18 Grand Forks School District -- Destroyed by flood in 1997.
Hunt Valley/MD 1 2003 02 08 Bob Roswell (website) Restoration in progress.
Madison/WI 1 2003 01 28 Jay Jaeger (website) Alive and well!
Milpitas/CA 1 2003 09 09 Eric Smith
Mountainview/CA 3 2003 01 16 Computer History Museum Believed mostly working.
Orange County/CA 1 2007 05 10 In storage, not powered up for 20 years. Also has other DEC machines.
Providence/RI 3 2003 01 15 Retro Computing Society of Rhode Island 2 belong to members, and one of the three is a "Super 12". These folks also have a LINC-8
Roswell/GA 1 2003 01 15 This is the second PDP-12 in Roswell, mine was the first from that location
San Antonio/TX 1 2007 02 08 Texas Processor website A PDP-12. Condition unknown.
Seattle/WA 1 2006 08 18 O. Sharp website A PDP-12/30, serial #729. Restoration process begun in mid-2006.
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