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The Restoration of the PDP-12 Minicomputer (PAGE 7)

Artwork Created for Side Panel -- 2008 11 13

Using my favourite tool, PowerPoint, I was able to create an almost-identical layout for the side panel. In case you ever have to do this, you can download the PDP-12 Auto Restart / Analog Channel / Speaker / Power Control Panel PowerPoint and print it out, take it to a silk screening place, and cross your fingers. Here are some gratuitous pictures:

PDP-12 side panel black on white graphic S M L XL

This is the black-on-white graphic. Note that the circles for the holes are purely for alignment sanity checking. Whether they get printed or not is immaterial, they're hidden by the knobs. [A note added 20090412 -- the circles don't actually make it reliably through the silk screen process; they're right on the edge of the resolution.]

PDP-12 side panel white on black graphic S M L XL

And its evil twin, the white-on-black graphic, which is more along the lines of what the actual panel will look like when it's done. The artwork looks far better than the picture; the PowerPoint JPEG export function apparently isn't the best quality. And it even moved the slash in the "0" on me (not in the artwork, just the JPEG export). Yes, I had to "make" the zero with a slash through it :-) [Unfortunately, viewing this with my version of Open Office was even worse! The spacing in the text is off and the slash is in the wrong place by a lot!]

Knobs placed on top of PDP-12 side panel paper model S M L XL And of course an actual picture of the knobs lying over top of the paper model to ensure that everything looks centered, has clearance, etc.

Notice the plastic baggie holding all of the bits and pieces. $0.05 well spent!

Artwork Silkscreened onto Side Panel -- 2009 04 11

I decided to do the silkscreening myself. I bought the highly-recommended EZ Screen Print (hi res version) and made my own silkscreen mask. I then put the white ink through the mask onto the panel, and voila!

Restored PDP-12 side panel S M L XL

This is the closeup of the side panel. Because the side panel has the welded-on speaker holder, it makes for an awkward project. I used my bench to hold it in place. The smudginess in the picture is just an over-exposure of the camera, and not actually on the side panel. The voids, however (in the lines -- places where the line kind of peters out) are unfortunately real, but not really noticeable, and they do add to the "old" look :-)

Restored PDP-12 side panel baking S M L XL

The silk screen ink is supposed to be "ironed on" to the T-Shirt. Heh. I put it in the toaster oven for 10 minutes at 250. Seems to do the trick.

Restored PDP-12 side panel in situ S M L XL

Mission accomplished! Time for beer!

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