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Every museum collection has some "miscellaneous" stuff, that just doesn't fit a given category.

The IBM 360 Front Panel

Front View of IBM 360 Front Panel S M L XL

This IBM 360 front panel came from a gold scrapper. I purchased it a long time ago, perhaps as far back as the mid to late 1970s. It has now been sold, as it was not part of my core collection.

The IBM 360 Maintenance Panel

Front View of IBM 360 Maintenance Panel S M L XL

This front panel was obtained as part of a PDP haul in mid 2006. It was included with the panel above.

The Tektronix 4107 Graphics Terminal

Front View of Tektronix 4107 Graphics Terminal S M L XL

Donated by an individual in Ottawa on August 31st, 2006. This individual used it for rendering graphics as part of his thesis on establishing mathematical properties of electrical signals in the muscles. He used it connected to a mainframe via a dialup modem.

Originally, this machine came from Loyalist College.

I have not yet powered this up; I don't know what the status of the power supply is at this point.

The WT78 Word Processing Computer

WT78 Word Processing Computer S M L XL

I'm posting this for a friend.

These two items are free to a good home, pickup only in East End Ottawa (Orleans) Ontario Canada. They appear to be in very good shape, physically, with a light amount of dust on them. I have not powered them up so know nothing about their operational status.

WT78 Word Processing Computer RX01 Floppy Drives and Spinwriter S M L XL

A Terminal

A Free Terminal S M L XL

I'm posting this for a friend too.

This terminal is also free to a good home, same pickup terms as above. Sorry about the poor quality of picture, it looked good on the camera.

This terminal too appears to be in good physical shape with some light dust.

Here's some additional information I just received:

Various persons have claimed it is called a VuCom, one u I think. They said it was mainly used inside Bell Canada. It understands ASCII. I last used it 20 years ago. I think I may have plugged it into the 8E rs232 interface when I was trying to sort out that, but still a long time ago.

On the back panel there are:

  • 2 x 15 pin dsub labelled "PRINTER"
  • 1x 25 pin dsub labelld "DATA SET" (can't remember but assume it is DTE)
  • rotary switch labelled "75/110/150/200/300"
  • slide switch labelled "FULL/HALF DUPLEX"
  • slide switch labelled "EVEN/MARK/ODD PARITY"
  • circuit breaker labelled "2.5 A"

the informaton label says:

Computing Devices Of Canada
a subsidiary of
Control Data Corrporation
Equip. Ident. No. CC5A4B
Series Code 02
Part Number 15554000
Serial Number 952
VAC 120
Hz 60

also a blurry CDC QC label that I think says "Aug 1975".

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