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DEC G-Series Modules Schematics and Documentation

Reference > Drawings > Modules > G-Series


G005 Negative Regulator Schematic
G007 Sense Amplifier Schematic
G008 Master Slice Control Schematic
G010 Sense Amp Selector Schematic
G020 Sense Amplifier Schematic
G021 Sense Amplifier Schematic
G022 Four Input Sense Amp. Schematic
G023 Master Slice Control Schematic
G050 Read Amplifier Schematic
G060 TU10 Compressor Schematic
G062 Peak Detector Schematic
G064 Slicer Schematic
G066 9-Track TU16 Read Amp
G083 Disc Preamplifier
G084 Mag. Tape Read Amp. Schematic
G085 Disc Read Amp and Slice Data Sheet, Schematic
G100 Sense Amp and Inhibit Driver Data Sheet, Schematic
G102 Sense-Inhibit Card Schematic
G103 Memory Levels and Gates Schematic
G104 Core Sense/Inhibit 4k (part of H220)
G111 Sense/Inhibit
G206 Memory Selector Schematic
G207 Inhibit Driver Schematic
G208 Inhibit Driver Schematic
G209 Memory Selector Schematic
G212 Memory Common Driver Schematic
G217 Memory Word Driver Schematic
G219 Memory Selector Schematic
G221 Memory Selector Schematic
G222 Memory Selector Data Sheet, Schematic
G223 Read Write Driver Data Sheet, Schematic
G226 X-Y Decoder Switch Schematic
G227 Core X-Y Drivers 4k
G228 Inhibit Driver Schematic
G230 X and Y Current Generator Schematic
G233 8k Memory X/Y Drivers
G284 Disc Writer Schematic
G285 Series Switch Data Sheet, Schematic
G286 Centertap Selector Data Sheet, Schematic
G287 Write Driver Schematic
G290 Writer Flip Flop Data Sheet, Schematic
G294 Disc Writer Schematic
G295 Series Switch Schematic
G296 Center Tap Selector Schematic
G350 Head Driver Schematic
G380 Solenoid Drivers
G589 Filtered Differential Amplifier Schematic
G590 Filtered Differential Amplifier Schematic
G603 Memory Selector Matrix Schematic
G604 Memory Selector Matrix Schematic
G609 Memory Mounting Board Schematic
G610 A-Diode Board Schematic
G611 B-Diode Board Schematic
G613 X Diode Matrix Data Sheet, Schematic
G614 Y Diode Matrix Data Sheet, Schematic
G619 4k x 12 core memory
G624 Resistor Board Schematic
G626 Resistor Board Schematic
G652 16k x 18 core memory
G681 8 Track Matrix Data Sheet, Schematic
G700 100 Ohm Terminator Schematic
G7000 I/O Bus Terminator #1 Schematic
G7001 I/O Bus Terminator #2 Schematic
G7002 I/O Bus Terminator #3 Schematic
G7003 I/O Bus Terminator #1 Schematic
G7004 I/O Bus Terminator #2 Schematic (poor quality)
G7005 I/O Bus Terminator #3 Schematic (poor quality)
G7006 I/O Bus Terminator #4 Schematic (poor quality)
G701 Cable Terminator Schematic
G703 100 Ohm Terminator Schematic
G704 2 mA Level Terminator Schematic
G705 DECTape Jumper Module Schematic
G706 DECTape Attenuator Schematic
G711 RF08 Terminator Board Data Sheet, Schematic
G715 Terminator Schematic
G717 Resistor Terminator
G718 Timing Jumper Schematic
G726 Bus Control Schematic
G727 Grant Continuity Card
G7272 LSI 11 Grant Continuity
G737 Terminator Schematic
G742 Positive Logic Jumper Card Schematic
G766 Level Terminator Schematic
G775 Connector Card Indicator Panel Data Sheet, Schematic
G780 Power Connector Schematic
G783 Cable Connector Schematic
G785 Power Connector Schematic
G793 PDP-8/I Switch Connector Schematic
G795 Cable Terminator Schematic
G796 Clamped Level Cable Connector Schematic
G799 Cable Connector Schematic
G800 Control for 739 Power Supply Schematic
G8016 H763 Regulator Board Schematic
G8018 Regulator Board PDP-8/A Core Schematic
G8019 Power Distribution Board Control Schematic
G805 Negative Regulator Schematic
G808 Control for 708 Power Supply Schematic
G809 -15V Sense and Relay Driver Schematic
G810 6V Regulator Control Schematic
G816 Regulator Control Schematic
G817 Power Supply B1 Schematic
G818 Power Supply B2 Schematic
G821 +5 Regulator Control Data Sheet, Schematic
G822 -6V Regulator Data Sheet, Schematic
G823 24V Regulator Control Data Sheet, Schematic
G824 +5V Regulator Schematic
G825 -24V Pass Element Data Sheet, Schematic
G826 Regulator Control Schematic
G827 Power Sequence Delays and Decoder Data Sheet, Schematic
G828 Regulator Control Schematic
G829 Power Connector Data Sheet, Schematic
G830 +5 Regulator Schematic
G831 6 Bit D/A Comparator & Switch Schematic
G836 VR14 Power Supply and Regulator Board Schematic
G838 Fault Protection Board Schematic
G847 Dual Motor Voltage Control Schematic
G848 Motor Control Schematic
G850 SCR Motor Driver Schematic
G851 Relay Schematic
G853 Motion & Selection Schematic
G854 Telegraph Line Circuit Schematic
G858 PDP-15 Teletype Connector Data Sheet, Schematic
G859 Clock & Regulator Schematic
G882 Manchester Reader Writer Schematic
G888 Manchester Reader/Writer Schematic
G903 Clock Accelerator Schematic
G912 Deflection Amplifier Schematic
G913 Clock Control Schematic
G916 Power Detector and Switch Filter Schematic
G917 XY-Control Schematic
G918 Photo Transistor Amplifier Schematic
G921 PDP-8/L Control Panel Schematic
G932 TU10 Capstan Servo Preamplifier Schematic
G933 Reel Motor Amplifier Schematic (poor quality)
G9340 Brake Actuator Schematic
G9341 TU10 Brake Actuator Schematic
G936 Clock Accelerator
G998 Current Measuring Extender Schematic

These documents have been obtained from my own personal collection, as well as extensive searches on the net. If you have any documents that you'd like added to the archive, please contact me.

This collection would not have been possible without the work done by: David Gesswein (pdp8.net), and Al Kossow (bitsavers.org),

If there's anyone I've missed, spelled incorrectly, gave the wrong URL for, etc, please let me know and I'll update.

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