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DEC Peripheral Drawing Master Index

Reference > Drawings > Peripherals

This is the master index for the following Digital Equipment Corporation peripheral drawings:

  • BA08 -- PDP-8/L Peripheral Expander Option
  • CR8I -- PDP-8/I Card Reader System
  • DC08 -- Serial Line Multiplexer
  • DF32 -- Disk File and Control
  • DK8E -- Real Time Clock
  • DKC8 -- PDP-8/A Internal Option Card #1
  • DM01 -- Data Multiplexer
  • DW08 -- Bus Convertor
  • KA8E -- Positive I/O Bus Interface
  • KC8A -- PDP-8/A Programmer's Console
  • KD8E -- Data Break Interface
  • KE8I -- Extended Arithmetic Element
  • KL8A -- Multiple Serial Line Unit Interface
  • KP8E -- Power Fail and Auto-Restart
  • KT8A -- Memory Management Control
  • MI8E -- Hardware Bootstrap Loader
  • PC8E -- High Speed Paper Tape Reader/Punch
  • RF08 -- Disk Control and Disk
  • RK08 -- Disk System
  • RK8J -- Disk and Control (RK05)
  • RL8A -- OMNIBUS Controller (RL01)
  • RX8E -- RX01 Floppy Disk Controller
  • TA8 -- DECassette (TU60 and controller M8331)
  • TC01 -- DECtape Control Unit
  • TC08 -- DECtape Controller
  • TD8E -- Simple DECtape Controller, see M868
  • TU55 -- DECtape
  • TU56 -- DECtape
  • TU58 -- DECtape II
  • TU60 -- DECassette
  • VR14 -- CRT Display

Note that there is an unavoidable amount of overlap in terms of the reference material -- for example, the TA8 tape system consists of a TA8E (M8331) host controller connected to a TU60 tape unit (which itself consists of M7760 and M7761 control cards). This means that there will be some duplicate information for the controller cards in the TA8, TA8E, and TU60 drawings.

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