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DEC M-Series Modules (2xx) Schematics and Documentation

Reference > Drawings > Modules > M-Series (2xx)

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M202 Triple J-K Flip Flop
M203 Eight single-input set-reset flip flops Schematic
M204 General Purpose Buffer and Counter
M205 Five D-flip-flops
M206 Six D-type flip-flops Schematic
M207 Six single-input J and K type flip-flops
M211 Binary Up/Down Counter Schematic
M212 6-Bit L R Shift Register Schematic
M214 Data Storage Register Data Sheet, Schematic
M216 Six flip-flops Schematic
M217 Clock Register Schematic
M218 MQ Register Data Sheet, Schematic
M219 Step Counter & Control Data Sheet, Schematic
M220 Major Registers (2) Schematic
M221 Main Register Schematic
M222 LINC Tape Register Schematic
M223 MA MB Register Data Sheet, Schematic
M226 Register Module Data Sheet, Schematic
M227 Shifter AC Data Sheet, Schematic
M233 Disk Shift Register Schematic
M238 2 Synchronous 4-Bit Up/Down Converters Data Sheet, Schematic
M240 6 R/S Flip Flops Data Sheet, Schematic
M242 Triple J K Flip Flop Data Sheet, Schematic
M248 4-Bit RT Shift Parallel LD Register (Dual) Data Sheet, Schematic
M241 6 Type D Flip-Flops Schematic
M243 8 Type D Flip-Flops Schematic
M246 5 D Flip-Flops Schematic
M247 Console Switch Flip-Flops Schematic
M234 KE11-A Registers
M239 Three 4-bit counter/registers
M250 4 Bit 16 Word Memory Schematic
M253 12 Bit 16 Word Memory Schematic
M260 16 Word x 12 Bit Ass. Mem. Cell Schematic

These documents have been obtained from my own personal collection, as well as extensive searches on the net. If you have any documents that you'd like added to the archive, please contact me.

This collection would not have been possible without the work done by: David Gesswein (pdp8.net), and Al Kossow (bitsavers.org),

If there's anyone I've missed, spelled incorrectly, gave the wrong URL for, etc, please let me know and I'll update.

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