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DEC W-Series Modules Schematics and Documentation

Reference > Drawings > Modules > W-Series


W002 Clamped Loads Schematic, Data Sheet
W005 Clamped Loads Schematic, Data Sheet
W010 Clamped Loads Schematic
W011 Signal Connector Schematic
W012 Indicator Cable Connector Schematic
W013 Word Sink Stack Connector Schematic
W014 Digit Stack Connector Schematic
W017 Word Drive Stack Connector Schematic
W018 Cable Connectors for Indicator Amplifiers Data Sheet
W020 Indicator Cable Connector Schematic
W021 Cable Connectors for Levels and Pulses Schematic, Data Sheet
W022 Cable Connectors for Levels and Pulses Data Sheet
W023 Cable Connectors for Indicator Lamps Schematic, Data Sheet
W025 Connector Board Schematic
W028 Cable Connectors for Levels and Pulses Schematic, Data Sheet
W032 Connector Schematic
W033 Cable Connector Schematic
W040 Solenoid Driver Schematic, Data Sheet
W042 10 Amp Driver Data Sheet
W043 Solenoid Driver Data Sheet
W050 Indicator Driver Data Sheet, Schematic
W051 100 mA Indicator and Relay Driver Schematic, Data Sheet
W061 Relay Driver Data Sheet
W070 Teletype Connector Schematic
W076 Teletype Connector Schematic
W078 Teletype Connector Schematic
W080 Isolated AC-DC Switch Data Sheet
W101 I/O Bus Driver Schematic
W102 Pulsed Bus Transceiver Schematic
W103 PDP-8 Device Selector Data Sheet, Schematic
W106 P.I. Request Grant Schematic
W107 I/O Bus Receiver Ckt. Schematic
W108 Decoding Driver Data Sheet, Schematic
W122 Bus Transceiver Schematic
W132 Bus Transceiver Schematic
W250 Indicator Cable Connector Schematic
W300 Delay Line Schematic
W301 Delay Line Schematic
W500 High Impedance Follower Schematic, Data Sheet
W501 Schmitt Trigger Schematic, Data Sheet
W502 Photon-Coupled Trigger Data Sheet
W504 Initial Transient Detector Schematic
W505 Low Voltage Detector Schematic
W506 Power Monitor Schematic
W507 Low Voltage Detector Schematic
W509 3 Phase Low AC Voltage Detector Schematic
W510 Positive Level Converter Schematic, Data Sheet
W511 Negative Level Converter Schematic, Data Sheet
W512 Positive Level Converter Data Sheet, Schematic
W513 Level Amplifier Schematic
W514 Positive Level Converter Schematic
W519 Power Sequence and Crobar Schematic
W520 Comparator Schematic, Data Sheet
W532 Dual AC-Coupled Difference Amplifiers Schematic, Data Sheet
W533 Rectifying Slicer Schematic, Data Sheet
W590 IBM N Line to DEC Convertor Data Sheet
W591 Positive Level to DEC Level Receiver Schematic
W592 IBM 360 to DEC Bus Receiver Schematic
W600 Negative Level Amplifier Schematic, Data Sheet
W601 Positive Level Amplifier Schematic, Data Sheet
W602 Bipolar Level Amplifier Schematic, Data Sheet
W603 Positive Level Amplifier Data Sheet, Schematic
W607 Pulse Output Convertor Schematic, Data Sheet
W612 Pulse Amplifier Schematic
W640 Pulse Amplifier Schematic, Data Sheet
W681 Scope Intensifier Schematic
W682 Intensity Amplifier Schematic
W690 DEC to IBM N Line Convertor Data Sheet
W692 DEC to IBM 360 Bus Driver Schematic
W693 DEC to CTµL Line Driver Schematic
W700 Switch Filter Schematic, Data Sheet
W701 Input Network Schematic
W702 Teletype Level Converter Schematic
W705 Power Supply, +3.6V Data Sheet, Schematic
W706 Teletype Receiver Schematic, Data Sheet
W707 Teletype Transmitter Schematic, Data Sheet
W708 Communications Interfacer Schematic, Data Sheet
w714 Switch Module Data Sheet, Schematic
W726 Switch Filter Schematic
W800 Relay Schematic, Data Sheet
W802 Relay Multiplexer Data Sheet
W808 Relay Schematic
W841 Cable Terminator Schematic
W850 I/O Connector Schematic
W851 PDP-10 Bus Connector Schematic
W852 Connector Schematic
W940 144 connector pins, extended length, up to 50
W941 72 connector pins, extended length, up to 25
W950 wire wrappable module, 144 connector pins, extended length, 30 ICs
W968 collage mounting board, double sided, extended length, up to 72 ICs
W969 collage mounting board, double sided, extended length, up to 36 ICs
W970 Bare Board, 36-pin, no split lugs, similar to W990 Data Sheet
W971 Bare Board, 72-pin, no split lugs, similar to W991 Data Sheet
W972 Bare Board, 36-pin, copper clad, similar to W992 Data Sheet
W973 Bare Board, 36-pin, copper clad, similar to W993 Data Sheet
W980 Extender Module Data Sheet
W982 Module Extender Board (M Series)
W984 Extender Board
W985 System Module Adaptor Data Sheet
W987 Quad Extender
W990 Bare Board, 18 pins, split-lug terminals Data Sheet
W991 Bare Board, 36 pins, split-lug terminals Data Sheet
W992 Bare Board, 18-pin copper clad to be etched by user Data Sheet
W993 Bare Board, 36-pin copper clad to be etched by user Data Sheet
W994 Bare Board, perforated 0.067" holes, 18 with etched lands Data Sheet
W995 Bare Board, perforated 0.067" holes, 36 with etched lands Data Sheet

These documents have been obtained from my own personal collection, as well as extensive searches on the net. If you have any documents that you'd like added to the archive, please contact me.

This collection would not have been possible without the work done by: David Gesswein (pdp8.net), and Al Kossow (bitsavers.org),

If there's anyone I've missed, spelled incorrectly, gave the wrong URL for, etc, please let me know and I'll update.

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