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The Restoration of the PDP-8/M Minicomputer (PAGE 1)

The PDP-8/M arrived from Maryland/USA, towards the end of May, 2006.

First Visual Inspection -- 20060911

The case was in rough condition, having spent some time outside -- there was a definite odour of mouse/rat urine. Yummy.
PDP-8/M Interior View showing Damage S M L XL The cards looked ok, and, really, apart from the smell, the unit looked pretty solid -- lots of dirt, but nothing elbow grease couldn't fix.

PDP-8/M Unrestored Interior View Showing Omnibus and Damage S M L XL So, the first order of business was to completely disassemble the unit. The OMNIBus is removed by two hex keys at the front of the OMNIBus, and two screws on the bottom of the case. As you can imagine, the foam under the OMNIBus was, of course, completely disintegrated, and had to be removed.

PDP-8/M Unrestored Interior View Showing Omnibus and Damage S M L XL Once the unit was disassembled, scraping began. I used a putty knife and a vacuum cleaner, and got a good chunk of the crap out of the way.
PDP-8/M Unrestored Fan and AC Control S M L XL The fan assembly and AC control was removed as well; it was filthy and the fan blades were hard to turn. Kids, don't try to disassemble a fan at home! There are lots of small parts in the centre of the fan that are a royal pain to take apart and put back together. I only did the one; we'll see how well it works (I sprayed some WD-40 in it while I had it open -- it turns much better now).
PDP-8/M Restored Fan and AC Control S M L XL You can actually tell that the wires are different colours now! (To clean most of this stuff, I used rubbing alcohol; nothing fancy.)
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